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Single(Monotonika) to Multi Accent(Polytonic) Greek Text File Converter, since 1992.

Software "TONISMOS" has been developed since 1992.
It is unique and has been distinguished as an innovation, from the Greek Organization for the Small and Medium Enterprises (EOMMEX). It has been used by the Greek Parliament and many professionals in the publish market, from private schools, Culture Institutions etc. 

"TONISMOS" could be very useful to the Institutions - Universities which are occupied with the study of Greek culture and language, to publishers and to anyone who needs less or more Greek Multi-accent texts on a PC, MAC or even on UNIX machines. 

"TONISMOS" is a unique software in the Global Market which converts automatically, Single Accent Greek Text Files, written in Demotic, Purified (Katharevousa) or even Ancient Greek, to Multi - accent Text Files (polytonic). 
Tonismos software places automatically the smooth breathing (psili), rough breathing (daseia), acute accent (oxeia), grave accent (vareia), circumflex accent (perispomeni) and iota subscript (hypogegrammeni) correctly (99,7%) to all mentioned single accent Greek text files. The user may also choose to place certain sub-sets of the whole set of Accents/iota subscript, f.e not to place varia and/or iota subscript. 

The conversion is more about 99,9% correct for modern Greek (demotic) and more than 99,5% correct for Purified Greek (Katharevousa).

"Tonismos" can be installed in WORD 7.0, WORD 97, WORD 2000, WORD 2002, WORD 2003 (Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, 2000) producing automatically Multi accent Greek text files from Single accent ones.

"TONISMOS" is compatible with all existing Greek Multi Accent (Polytonic) Fonts for PC and MAC.

Software ΤΟΝΙΣΜΟΣ Version 2.8.7 can be supplied from  
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Software Tonismos - Single to Multi Accent Greek Text File Converter