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New Version 2.8.7 produces multi - accent (Polytonic) files, compatible with UNICODE Format.

>> Click here to download the new drivers of the Hardlock key. The new drivers support MS-Vista and older Windows versions.

HARDLOCK.ZIP Uncompress the file in a directory and run the file hldinst.exe or the file  hldrv32.exe. This concerns the new Drivers of HARDLOCK key which protect the software "ΤΟΝΙΣΜΟΣ". The installation will  automatically update Windows 3.xx/95/98/NT/2000.

Windows 2000 and Office 2000 include in their International version, the Greek Multi - Accent "UNICODE" Fonts Palatino Linotype και Arial Unicode MS (click here for more) and a Greek Multi Accent Keyboard for typing Greek Polytonic texts (click here for more).

The Help file of TONISMOS Software (in Greek - 752 Kbytes Zip format)

Some of the Shareware Multi-Accent fonts may be found at the links below : 

Greek Fonts by TLG
Antioch classical languages utility
Unicode Polytonic Greek for the Web
Greek Font to Unicode Converter
Arial Unicode MS Font for Publisher 2000 



DEMO of Software "TONISMOS" (recorded .avi self extracting file :220 Kb.)
Νew DEMO of "TONISMOS" Software (exe file :1400 Kb.)
Recorded in a first generation Pentium PC.

Νew DEMO of "TONISMOS" Software (exe file :1300 Kb.)
Recorded in a first generation Pentium PC.
Link (pdf file) to the UNICODE Standard 3.0 of the Extended Greek (letter - value)


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