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Indicative customer list
Page layout professionals and publishers have recognised its great success and usefulness in typography. Today, several of the users of this program are powerful units as Kathimerini, Kalofolias Editions, Lambrakis Journalistic Organisation, Fotron S.A., Eptalofos S.A., Anagramma Fotostichiothetiki, Crete University Press, Crete Editions, General Press Publishing S.A., Intertyp S.A., Athens Publishing, Kiriakidis Editions, Georgiadis Editions, Papanikolaou Editions, INDICTOS Editions, Leodakianiakos Graphic Arts, Koukoudakis Graphic Arts, Gnosi Editions, Estia Newspaper (Daily publication with Tonismos), NEMECIS Magazine etc., Universities including the Computing Centre of the University of Ioannina, Democritus University of Thrace, National Technical University of Athens, Korelko School, Moraitis School, Evgenidio Institution, Greek Language Thesaurus, Cyprus Greek Thesaurus Centre, Institution of Surveys of Aimos Peninsula, General Staff (Military Journal), Churches like the Cathedral of Gortinos & Megalopolis, the Ekatontapiliani of Paros, Greek Parliament, Athens Academy etc.
Comments about "TONISMOS" in special issues
"TONISMOS enables many users to be relieved of a real headache since a text typed in monotonic form needs to be converted in polytonic after the layout has been completed, very likely to happen with the texts of modern Greek literature, ecclesiastic texts etc. . . . The package of TONISMOS . . . comes to bridge the existing gap."


"The program of TONISMOS constitutes a bridge between the two systems of writing, converting monotonic text to polytonic.
It becomes particularly useful in the case of texts in ancient Greek, where the use of the polytonic system is imperative or in modern Greek where the use of the polytonic system is desirable." 

KERDOS newspaper ( December 1993)
"This program enables the user to convert any word processor file from monotonic to polytonic, supporting even ancient Greek punctuation marks like the grave accent or the subscript" 

WIN (August 1994)
"This program is a good solution for those who want to create texts with the glamour of the old polytonic system" 

COMPUTER & SOFTWARE (January 1994)
"A useful program for those who are working with electronic page layout systems. Meets all special requirements of converting monotonic texts to polytonic ones and provides a lot of facilities for processing the polytonic texts it creates" 

WIN (April 1994)
"This program acts like a connecting ring between the relatively new way of writing Greek and the old one, the polytonic, . . . TONISMOS may be useful for publishing houses and generally in the field of electronic layout, since reprinting a great volume of history books and documents is going to be done by modern methods of layout and even today many essays - poems in modern Greek, as well as books of Ancient Greek for high school and college are printed in polytonic form." 

"A bridge to the living past Tonismos gives a solution to the conversion of a monotonic text written in demotic, puristic or ancient Greek to polytonic. Apart from the main module, which curries out the conversion, the program is provided with a viewer for the produced polytonic text and filters that convert the polytonic text in a format supported by word processors and page layout programs. Tonismos puts the marks either according to the rules of puristic Greek, placing grave accents and subscripts or according to the rules of demotic ..."

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